Getting started with Roon

Getting started with Roon


You'll find everything you need to know about getting started with Roon below. Whether you're hearing about Roon for the first time or just downloaded Roon and need help with the next steps, this article breaks down all you need to know and do to get your Roon experience up and running. Welcome! 

What is Roon?

Want to learn more about Roon? Click here.

I've just downloaded Roon, what next? 

Below is a video guide to help you navigate setting up Roon for the first time. Click here if you still need to download Roon.

Interested in a more detailed walkthrough of Roon? Click here.

Roon Server 

Selecting your server device is an important step in setting up Roon. Think of your server as the brain of your Roon system that can run on a powerful computer, NAS, or turnkey appliances like a Nucleus or ROCK.

Want more information about the Roon Server? Click here

Once you've set up your server device, it would be good to familiarize yourself with the rest of the Roon architecture, including remote devices and audio outputs (also known as endpoints) within Roon. Click here to learn more

Adding your Local Library

The next step in getting Roon set up is to add your music to your library. Roon imports and scans your local library in real-time, through Watched Folders. Here's more information on how to add Watched Folders.


Now that you've got your Roon Server and account set up, it's time to explore! Here are 3 ways to discover more music with Roon:

Want a more detailed walkthrough of navigating and discovering music in Roon? Click here

Roon Arc : Roon on the go! 

To get more information on setting up Roon Arc, click here. If you're having trouble with port forwarding, check out our troubleshooting steps here

Additional Roon Features

A few of our favorites are: 

Roon Radio
Roon Radio uses machine learning to create personalized radio stations based on your music collection. Simply select a track, album, or artist, and Roon Radio will create a playlist of similar music based on your listening history. Learn more about Roon Radio here

Multi-Room Audio
Roon supports multi-room audio, which allows you to stream music to multiple devices throughout your home. You can create groups of devices and play music simultaneously across multiple rooms. If you're wondering how this works, check out our article on our RAAT protocol

Streaming Services
Roon integrates with popular streaming services such as TIDAL and Qobuz, allowing you to access a vast library of high-quality music. You can browse and stream music from these services directly within Roon.

Remote Control
Roon can be controlled from your smartphone or tablet using the Roon Remote app. This app lets you browse your music collection, control playback, and access Roon's advanced features from anywhere in your home. Learn how to set up a Roon Remote here

Roon's DSP
Roon's custom DSP (Digital Signal Processing) engine optimizes your music playback based on your equipment and listening preferences. Dig in deeper here.

Roon Community + Roon Support

Roon has a rich online community that discusses a wide array of topics from fellow Roon users worldwide. It's also home to all things Roon Support. We encourage you to take a visit and chime in on some of your favorite topics!

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